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  • Name: Essential oil bottle with dropper
  • Capacity: 10-100ML
  • Color: Amber / Clear / Matte / Colorful
  • Item Weight: 3.52 OZ
  • Material: Glass
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    Our bottle is ideally suited to store and preserve your essential oils, your carrier oils and your blends. The essential oil bottle has a variety of colors, transparent, frosted, colored, amber, etc. Easy to clean and use, this container designed in amber glass allows to efficiently protect your formulas from the light (UV rays). Its dropper system also guarantees a precise dosage of your formulas.

    Why Glass?
    - Oil will make plastic sticky.
    - Glass is free of harmful chemicals, BPA free and lead free.
    - Glass will not dissolve the chemicals in your ingredients.
    - Amber colored glass protect sensitive liquid to degradation from light.
    - Glass material is wear resistant, reusable and more durable.

    Essential oils can help improve sleep, regulate the body, and lose weight. It is a high-end beauty product popular among women. Essential oils are pure natural products because they are plant extracts, resulting in high prices for essential oils.
    In the market, as long as a little bit of essential oil products contain a little ingredient, the price will double. For example, common essential oil soap, essential oil conditioner, essential oil aromatherapy and so on.
    Since essential oils are of great value, essential oil bottles containing essential oils also need to be of high grade to be worthy. Glass and crystal are relatively better packaging materials in other essential oil bottle packaging.
    However, due to the particularity of essential oils, the essential oil bottle needs to be darkened to shading, to avoid volatilizing the essential oil in the essential oil bottle, and all functions will disappear. In addition to meeting the special needs of essential oils, essential oil bottle manufacturers should focus on styling better. Only a good shape can attract the attention of consumers. Of course, the main premise is that the essential oil bottle can guarantee its quality.

     Wholesale Customized Cosmetic Containers Screen Printing Clear Frosted Amber Serum Round Glass Dropper Essential Oil Bottle With Dropper Pipette
     Wholesale Customized Cosmetic Containers Screen Printing Clear Frosted Amber Serum Round Glass Dropper Essential Oil Bottle With Dropper Pipette


    【Cost-effective】Set of dropper bottles with pipettes dropper and rubber bulbs which is enough to store essential oil, perfume or other liquids.

    【UV Protection】Our amber dropper bottles will effectively filter out harmful UV rays to protect your sensitive essential oils from quick volatilization. Of course, there are other colors for your choice.

    【Secure & Leak-proof】Carefully selected corrosion-resistant glass which makes our small dropper bottles thick, smooth and anti-shock. The screw thread finish bottle mouth is matched with black cap, which fit tightly and can prevent any liquid leakage.

    【Easy to Carry】Each 2oz/60ml glass bottle includes dropper. Conveniently carry in your purse or makeup bag to take for travel or picnic.

    【Utility】Reusable, refillable, eco-friendly and practical glass bottle with dropper, they are perfect gift for essential oil lover, friends or relatives.


    Non-slip threaded bottle bottom

    High Quality Dropper

    Durable reed diffuser stick

    Spary pump is available

    High-quality opal glass, perfect craftsmanship

    Droppers are available in different colors

    High-quality opal glass, perfect craftsmanship

    Thick bottle bottom

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