Glass Perfume Bottles Wholesale With Spray Applicator

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  • MOQ: 2000PCS
  • Capacity: 50ML, 120ML
  • Color: Transparent
  • Material: Glass
  • Closure Type: Cap, spray pump
  • Sample: Free
  • Customization: Sizes, Colors, Bottle Types, Logo, Sticker / Label, Packing Box, etc
  • Certificate: FDA/ LFGB/SGS/MSDS/ISO
  • Model number: 50ML: NY-C-6053; 120ML: NY-C-6006
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    Elegant and fashionable appearance, sturdy and durable glass, transparent bottle body and fine mist sprayer. Our wholesale glass perfume bottles are great for perfumes, colognes, and more. Simply pair our wholesale perfume bottles with a perfume cap to tightly seal and preserve the liquid fragrance. Our wholesale glass perfume bottles are available in multiple collections that vary in size, shape and color.Our bottles are highly break-resistant, and the sprayer always dispenses the right amount of perfume. Our surface processes include silk screen printing, painting, UV coating, UV engraving and frosting.Each bottle packed with individual box to prevent it from shattering.

    We have developed the perfect perfume caps, collars, and pumps to tightly fit each glass perfume bottle. These accessories hug the shoulder and hide the neck of the bottle giving the complete package a more clean and high-end look. Our high quality perfume bottle can be used for body spray, DIY homemade spray, natural perfume, air freshener, perfume sample, perfume collection and so on.

    There are three main reason why glass was the material used for perfume bottles, in times past and today:
    1) The value of its appearance: the translucent, fine material makes its contents appear precious.
    2) Its convincing functionality: in glass bottles the scent remains unchanged for a very long time.
    3) The wealth of decorative designs: glass is ideal for being shaped into countless different forms.

    Perfume packaging, glass bottles – more than just packaging. For the perfume market is fiercely competitive: every year, new creations are launched, but a hefty 97% disappear again. For perfume packaging it is important that the glass bottles remain true to the product line but at the same time are new and surprising. And in addition, the brand message of a product must be in touch with social trends.

    We have our own eligible factory and formed a stable system of independent design, production, and quality inspections. We make sure that all the products have passed strict inspection before they arrive you. We believe that our high quality products will meet or exceed your expectations.

    k-6006 120ml 2

    k-6006 120ml

    k-6006 120ml 5


    a)Carefully Designed: The bottle has been designed by our designers.

    b)Material: Glass and Acrylic. The bottle is 100% glass .the cap is plastic. Both are firmly and should not be damaged easily.

    c)Easy to carry on: Homeyes perfume glass spray bottles are extremely portable to take while on the going, just toss it in your bag or carry on bag.


    k-6006 120ml

    General size

    k-6006 120ml 4

    Textured spray pump head

    k-6006 120ml 3

    High-grade glass material

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