Which packaging is Better for Cosmetics? Glass or Plastic?


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While buying and using cosmetic products, we often see different types of packaging. But have you ever considered that the variety of packaging materials can also have the significant amount of influences over the actual product itself?

There is also another fact that is seen that the different type of product in terms on application also has the fixed tradition of packaging. Such as you are most likely to see face cream jars be of glass. Or fairness creams, face wash packaging tubes are made of plastic. Here are the pros and cons of these materials.

Glass packaging for cosmetics

Glass is rather gorgeous of a material for packaging. As many of the renowned brand all over the world use massive amount of glass packaging for their products which undeniably makes them more attractive and posh-looking too. As the chemical structure of glass is of such a manner that is helpful for the packaging for emulsion type products.

The key benefit of using cosmetics glass bottles is that it has a decorative look and clean too. The composition of glass is relatively stable, and it is not easy to have a chemical reaction with skin care products. And glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly with no loss in quality or purity. Glass recycling is a closed loop system, creating no additional waste or by-products. Glass is one of the very few examples where the same material can be recycled over and over again without loss of quality.

The main reason behind the problems of using glass is that this material is not actually durable and quite fragile in terms of impact. If not treated carefully, the whole product can be wasted due to a single crack in the container. And also the broken, sharp edged pieces can be physically harmful also.

Plastic packaging for cosmetics
For instance, every cream-like product is either coming to you with the packaging with plastic tube or bottle or jar. Suppose that you are using any face washing product. Plastic helps you easily squeeze out the proper amount of product that is needed for the application.


All the reason behind the massive usage of plastic for packaging is that the significantly lower cost than any other material available. Plus the flexibility in terms of usage also helps the cause a lot. And it is light-weight in comparison to other materials.


The main problem behind using plastic is that after the usage of the actual product inside, the packaging material turns into nothing but a waste and also has a heavy impact over the environmental condition of the planet. Also, resistance to certain type chemicals also limit the usage of it being used up to a state.

As according to the above discussion, I think glass packaging is better. Because cosmetics often contain alcohol. Cosmetics and plastics are prone to chemical reactions, and plastic bottles are not friendly to the environment. So even though glass is heavy and fragile, it is still the better choice for cosmetic packaging.




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