The Importance of Attractive Packaging in the Cosmetic Industry

Image is everything when it comes to cosmetics. The beauty industry excels in creating products that allow consumers to look and feel their best. The allure of this industry lies not only in the product itself but also in the packaging of said product. It’s no secret that product packaging can have a significant impact on the overall success of a product, but that impact is magnified when it comes to cosmetic products. Consumers want their cosmetic products to look good on both the inside and the outside, and product packaging plays a large part in this.

Are you surprised to hear that 95% of new products fail every year? Part of that high percentage is due to packaging — most consumers do not make the effort to weigh one product against another for every type of item they buy. Instead, they make their decision to purchase based on the manufacturer, brand name, packaging, and price. The packaging ultimately leads them to choose one product over another. It also tells consumers how your brand and product differ from the competition, so if your packaging does not attract consumers from the get-go, your brand will never survive.

Getting the Right Packaging

For cosmetics or beauty products, a beautiful or unique package conveys a positive image about the contents.
Besides being aesthetically pleasing, your packaging should contribute to your product standing out against the competition.

Know Your Demographic

Your packaging needs to speak to those who are buying it. The over-50 set might not consider buying a high-end, expensive perfume in a neon pink box.

Personalize It

Good packaging does not need to be the most expensive, especially when a business is starting out. Use packaging that relates to your brand; for example, tissue paper printed with a makeup bag pattern to wrap cosmetics. This gives it a high-end feel, without blowing the budget.

Make It Eco-friendly

Packaging that is made from recycled materials is incentive enough for some consumers. In fact, the majority of consumers will buy a product that is environmentally friendly over one that is not. At the very least, your packaging should be able to be recycled.

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