Glass Bottle or Jar? The Best Containers for Skincare Products

You've probably asked yourself why companies use bottles or cans to store specific skin care products. Does it really matter? The truth is, not all containers are created equal when it comes to specific recipes. Factors that influence the type of container used are:

- Oil vs water based formula
- Ingredients that go rancid quickly 
- Ingredients that degrade easily
- Exposure to light, heat and/or humidity
- Shipping requirements

If ingredients are not considered when choosing a bottle or jar, the result is usually a less effective product. Many ingredients have high procurement costs, so it makes sense for companies to choose the right containers for their skin care products. Here are a few guidelines:

- Pump glass bottles work well for liquid formulations such as soaps, gels, oils and lotions. The size of the opening varies according to the viscosity of the liquid. This is a hygienic choice as hands will not come into direct contact with the product. This includes airless pumps, which introduce less air into the container and minimize degradation.

- If the product is used in the bathroom or kitchen, plastic is better than glass to avoid the product slipping out of your hands and breaking. Check the bottom of the container to see what kind of plastic is used. Some plastics are easier to recycle than others. If the product is to be heated (e.g. oil therapy) then glass is best as it is inert and impossible to melt.
- Tubes work best for thick creams, body creams and facial scrubs. This is because it minimizes the possibility of direct contact with the product. Cans are not so good because of what is called "head space" and sometimes extra preservatives are needed to reduce contamination.
- As a rule, dark or opaque skincare glass containers are better than clear ones if ingredients degrade easily or go bad. Exposure to light degrades many oils, vitamins, and plant-based ingredients. Instead, store the product in the refrigerator or in a cool place.

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