Round Scented Perfume Glass Bottles with Personalized Logo

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These round glass bottles are a testament to minimalist design. These smooth fragrance bottles offer plenty of room for branding and labeling. This is especially beneficial for brands that want to clearly and effectively communicate their values and product information.

  • MOQ:2000PCS
  • Material:Glass
  • Capacity:30ml, 50ml, 100ml
  • Closure Type:Spray pump and cap
  • Color:Clear, black, custom
  • Sample:Free sample
  • Customization:Sizes, Colors, Bottle Types, Logo, Sticker / Label, Packing Box, etc
  • Certificate:FDA/ LFGB/SGS/MSDS/ISO
  • Delivery:3-10 Days (For products out of stock : 15 ~ 40 days after receiving payment.)

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In the world of packaging, the choice of container is more than just a practical consideration - it's an opportunity to communicate aesthetics, functionality, and brand identity. Round parfum glass bottles are a classic and vibrant choice that appeals to a variety of industries, including perfumery. From its simple yet elegant design to its versatile applications, the round glass bottle has left an indelible mark on the world of packaging.

round perfume Glass Bottles
perfume bottle packaging box

Packaging Box

Customize the packaging box to convey your brand message

perfume caps

Bottle Caps

A variety of lids to match different styles of bottles

bulk perfume bottles

Shapes & Colors

A variety of bottle shapes and colors to meet your needs

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