Why perfume glass bottle design is as important as fragrance design?

The field of glass perfume bottle design is both confusing and contradictory, despite their rather simple function. Their dazzling beauty set in glass visually distinguishes them from traditional liquid dispensers, but they actually serve the same purpose. The story of the creation of the perfume bottle is not as alluring and complex as the scent it contains. It is said that the details make the difference, and this statement could not be more apt when it comes to the packaging and marketing of perfume. If used properly, the mysterious charm of this bottle (which is more than just a perfume dispenser) will be boldly displayed, while remaining hidden from view.

While it may seem incongruous to imagine that the visual aspect of a perfume is sometimes more important than the olfactory, the idea of designing a perfume from the outside has been the standard operating procedure for many years. It's like the proverbial putting the cart before the horse, but that doesn't mean that designers are free to design whatever they want. In fact, it usually incorporates them into a more thoughtful approach. The bottle will not only take the shape of the final recipe, but it will also tell a story through its presence. 

There is no doubt that due to the rise of online shopping and the lure of convenience for the modern consumer, bottle design is more important than ever to the creators and suppliers of contemporary fragrances. Since there is no tactile or interpersonal communication in cyberspace, the visual impact of the perfume attracts and excites consumers' interest. French designer Thierry De Baschmakoff says: "The bottle is the first form of communication with scent and the first contact people have with it. So, of course, it has to resonate." It is masterful attention to every aspect of development and packaging that draws the consumer into the luxurious universe of scents captured in the bottle. It is the gateway to an olfactory adventure that both attracts attention and helps sell perfume.

A beautifully designed perfume glass bottle can enhance the value of an elegant scent, thus allowing perfume companies to make more profit and establish a stronger foothold in this highly competitive global market.
The use of color in perfume packaging design as a means of visually communicating with consumers and influencing fragrance perception is feasible because color reflects the everyday experience and is therefore imbued with unspoken qualities.

For example, emitting warm fire, which goes from yellow to red, while transforming into cold ice, which is blue. In addition, the combination of shape, texture, and color must be consistent in order to trigger the desired response. Contemporary perfume bottle designs have become more daring, even breaking with tradition by using unexpected and strange shapes, such as the shape of the human body and shoe.

In addition, social influences are often evident. For example, fragrance glass bottles marketed to urban youth are often characterized by street graffiti and online culture.

So the design of the perfume bottle as a whole affects the value of the perfume.

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