Why do essential oils come in dark colored essential oil bottles?

Essential oils,aromatic substances extracted from the flowers, leaves, stems, roots and fruits of plants. It is a pure plant, natural beauty and skin care product. In addition, essential oils have various effects such as improving skin tone, firming skin, relieving stress, and improving sleep. Essential oils have become the darling of fashionable women in the 21st century. Essential oils are nevertheless afraid of light, heat, moisture, and volatilization. Therefore, manufacturers are digging their heads on the issue of essential oil storage. Be careful when choosing essential oil bottles. An improper selection of essential oil bottles will cause the essential oils to dissipate in the air.

Generally, essential oil bottles are filled with airtight glass bottles. The glass essential oil bottles are mostly dark brown, amber, dark blue, and dark green. Among them, the dark blue and dark green glass essential oil bottles are more expensive, because their preservation period for essential oils is slightly longer than other colors.Because of the volatile nature of essential oils, generally good essential oils are calculated in drops, and good essential oils are bottled in 2ml. The essential oil bottle looks unique when the quantity is small, and the exquisite workmanship can be used as an ornament.

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Since essential oils are of great value, essential oil bottles containing essential oils also need to be of high grade to be worthy. Glass and crystal are relatively better packaging materials in other essential oil bottle packaging.However, due to the special nature of essential oils, the essential oil bottle needs to be darkened to shading, to avoid volatilizing the essential oil in the essential oil bottle, and all functions will disappear.

Essential oils can help improve sleep, regulate the body, and lose weight. It is a high-end beauty product popular among women. Essential oils are pure natural products because they are plant extracts, resulting in high prices for essential oils.In the market, as long as a little bit of essential oil products contain a little ingredient, the price will double. For example, common essential oil soap, essential oil conditioner, essential oil aromatherapy and so on.

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According to tests and tests, in a general environment, the active ingredients in skin care products and cosmetics will be used within 40-60 days after opening, and the effect of skin care products will continue to decline during this process. Since all essential oil products contain active ingredients, they are susceptible to external influences. Therefore, how to preserve essential oils to ensure the active ingredients in the product and the effect of the product. Essential oils are extremely picky for the packaging materials of essential oil bottles. The general essential oils are mostly made of dark glass as essential oil bottles, and glass essential oil bottles have always been welcomed by people.

In addition to meeting the special needs of essential oils, essential oil glass bottle manufacturers should focus on styling better. Only a good shape can attract the attention of consumers. Of course, the main premise is that the essential oil bottle can guarantee its quality.

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