What containers are best for candles?

Most candle makers will begin their candle journey by making container candles. They are a good place to start because they are straightforward and fairly easy to make. But, a candle lover may also find himself struggling to choose a candle jar that will both look pretty as a candle and handle the heat generated by the candle. Choosing a container that can't stand the heat could cause the glass to break, the wax to melt everywhere, or worse, a fire.

So what type of containers are best for candles?

Heat Resistance

You should make sure that the jar you choose for the candle is heat resistant. If you plan to use glass candle containers, you should look for containers made of tempered glass. Glass jars are the most popular candle containers today, but some glass vessels are not safe to use. To make a candle out of glass, it needs to be smooth, thick, and able to withstand high heat. In fact, any glass jar with these properties would make a good candle vessel. For other types of glass, avoid wine glasses, glass vases, drinking glasses, and other thin glass containers.

Below are some glass jars that are safe for use in candles.


You've no doubt seen the trend of using wooden containers and dough bowls as candle containers. The popularity of these candle jars may have misled some of the new candle manufacturers about what a fire-safe candle jar really is.

If left untreated, these containers can ignite, which is very dangerous. They can absorb wax and may become a giant wooden wick. You are taking a big risk when choosing a flammable container. If you decide to use these containers as your candle containers, you absolutely need to coat them with a thick layer of 100% waterproof sealer first. Never try to use plastic containers for candles. Even if the thickest sealant is applied to it, it will be melted by the heat of the candle.

Candle containers made of materials such as terra cotta, clay, cement, and glass are also popular choices.

Containers shape

While it may be tempting to use candle containers with unique shapes, you need to be careful that it won't get you in trouble when choosing a wick. You should keep in mind that the wick will form a circular molten pool that will remain the same diameter from the first burn to the last burn.

For example, if you choose a container with a narrow mouth and a wider bottom, it will not be possible to insert the core correctly. A wick burning the right diameter at the top will eventually form a tunnel at the bottom. On the other hand, if you put in a wick that fits a wide base, it will be too hot for a narrow top and may cause the glass to break.

It's a better idea to choose something cylindrical, with sides that either go straight up and down or just taper slightly toward the bottom.

You also should make sure that the shape of your candle container doesn't make it unstable. An uneven bottom can easily tip over.

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