The best amber glass bottles for cosmetic and personal care products

Glass bottles are a simple addition to your home with many advantages. Bottles can secure all your products in place, making your space cleaner and more organized. Originally made to reduce plastic packaging wastes, glass bottles have evolved into a convenient solution to many of your storage problems. Glass bottles are widely used in many areas, such as cosmetic, and personal care, and amber glass bottles are the best containers for these products. Paired with droppers, atomizers, pumps, screw caps, and sprays, you can utilize it in a variety of ways. So we have collected several best amber glass bottles, let's have a look.

Amber Push Button Dropper Glass Vials

Store your UV-sensitive essential oils and face/ eye serums in these mini brown glass bottles with normal droppers and push-button droppers. Using amber glass, the bottle filters out light that could harm the liquid or substance it contains. They will ensure that liquid leakage is minimal to zero. These glass bottles are perfect for storing liquid skin care products.


amber glass vials

Square Glass Dropper Bottles

These square glass dropper bottles are made of high-quality corrosion-resistant amber glass. They have 3 capacities: 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml. These customized brown glass dropper bottles are BPA-free, lead-free and UV-resistant, ensuring that your essential oils and serum are safe and perfectly protected from UV damage and the risk of rapid evaporation.

amber glass dropper bottles

Amber Roll-On Glass Bottles

Fine oil bottles are made of high-quality glass, which makes them durable and shockproof.  Their amber and frosted colors protect the oils from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays and prevent them from evaporating quickly. Ideal for your essential oil formulation. The well-made stainless steel/ glass ball roller rolls smoothly on your skin, gliding easily without sticking. The tip of the ball bearings is tight and will not spill, and the threaded neck design prevents any form of leakage.

roller ball glass bottle

Amber Boston Glass Shampoo Dispenser

These classic Boston round dispenser bottles are made of high-quality amber glass.  They can protect your liquids from UV rays and complements the decor of your home, kitchen, and bathroom, be it austere chic, farmhouse, industrial loft, or ultra-modern.  You can use them as a soap dispenser in the kitchen, or pack them into lotions for a nice and practical bathroom body wash dispenser and hair conditioner glass dispenser.

amber glass soap dispenser

Amber Cleaning Glass Spray Bottle

These brown glass Boston bottles are refillable. They are perfect for homemade cleaning products and hand sanitizers, and can also be used as sprayers to disinfect any surface/item.  Spray a disinfectant onto towels and use them as disinfectant wipes. The aesthetic design of these glass bottles coupled with their durable quality makes them an important addition to your basic household items.

amber boston bottle

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