PLC application in bottle Bottle Tray packaging control

Glass bottles and cans;Pallet packaging;Programmable control;Hardware configuration;Software design.

With the continuous improvement of the quality of glass bottles (including the appearance of cleanliness), the traditional gunny bag packaging method has been unable to adapt to the raw

Production and market needs.The current pallet packaging can just overcome the disadvantages of gunny bag packaging, which can reduce the packaging and transportation of glass bottles (especially

It is the breakage of screw bottle and special-shaped bottle. It also avoids the accumulation of dust on the bottle or even the adhesion to the decayed sack after the bag has been put for a long time

The difficult problem.

Due to the complete set of on-line glass bottle tray packaging machine mechanical structure is complex, strict installation requirements, equipment investment is large, so choose

PLC tray winding machine with simple structure, easy to use and low cost is used.It USES LLDPE stretch film as packaging material,

Stretch and wrap the glass bottles on the tray.The packed tray is very suitable for the storage and transportation of glass bottles, which greatly reduces the breakage of bottles

The damage rate also improves the cleanliness of the bottle.

1. Glass bottle tray packaging process requirements and system working process

First, fill the glass bottle with a tray manually from the delivery belt (it can be divided into several layers according to the size of the bottle, the size is 1300mm×1300mm,

Height 800mm ~ 2200mm), and use a manual hydraulic transfer truck to pull the 1650 steel plate dial.Then make the width 500mm,

LLDPE stretch film with thickness of 17 m ~ 35 m is threaded into the bottom of the tray.Select “Manual” or “from” from the HUMAN-computer interface

“Dynamic” working mode.

System working process: start the rotary table first, close the proximity switch, rotate the film feeding motor, and let the film wrap around the bottom of the tray for 2 times (number of turns)

Can be set).Because the light is blocked by the glass bottles on the tray rotating at a constant speed, it is fixed to the film frame and aligned with the wrapped glass bottles

The photoelectric switch “dark pass”, so the film frame with the film and photoelectric switch up.When the film is wrapped from the bottom to the top of the tray

In the glass bottle, the raised photoelectric switch can receive the light from outside the tray, causing the photoelectric switch to “break”.But in order to make the top

The edge of the cover is tightly wrapped. It can be set after the photoelectric switch “breaks”, so that the film frame continues to cover the bottle while rising for a few seconds (note: film

The frame only moves up and down, while the tray is always rotating at a constant speed.) Only then stop, and then wrap 2 turns on the top of the tray (the number of turns can be set).However,

After the film rack is lowered, let the film wrap the glass bottle from top to bottom.Finally, the bottom of the tray is wound with 2 turns of film, and the tray stops rotating.

Glass bottle tray packaging end.

2. System hardware configuration

The programmable controller TSX08CD8R6AS is the pressing center of the whole system. The PLC is fully functional and can reduce many middle

Contact parts, easy to realize simplified wiring, optimized design, improve the reliability of equipment operation.TSX08H04M man-machine boundary is also adopted

, it is convenient to select “manual operation”, “automatic operation”, “parameter setting” and other 5 screens for system debugging and reference respectively

Set, adjust and select the mode of system operation, etc.At the same time, external frequency converters U1, U2 and U3 are used to control the rotary motor respectively.

Film frame lifting motor and film feeding motor speed.In addition, the input of PLC is connected to the lower limit of S1 “pallet in situ” and S2 “membrane frame respectively

Switch signals such as “bit”, S3 “height limit”, S4 “film shelf limit”, S5 “film entry start” and S6 “emergency stop” to make

The system operates normally and safely.

3. System software design

According to the requirements of “packaging process and working process”, the pallet packaging system has two users: manual mode and automatic mode

Type.When using manual mode, press “A1” ~ “A8” special buttons on the operation panel of “Human-machine Interface” manually once or for a number of times

Times.In case of special emergency, press the S6 emergency stop button to make the system stop urgently.The “bottom” must be set before using automatic mode

Coil winding times “, “top coil winding times”, “up and down running cycle times” and the film stand stops lifting when the photoelectric switch is illuminated at the top of the tray

“Delay time”.Then press A8 to turn the screen to the automatic operation page.

The design should also pay attention to: allow to adjust the control frequency of 3 frequency converters of the turntable motor, the film frame lifting motor and the film feeding motor respectively

The setting value of the rate makes the speed of the three motors match properly, so that the packaging effect of the glass bottle is the best;For safe operation, separate considerations should also be taken into account

The lifting limit position of the film frame;Due to the light intensity between the layers of some special-shaped glass bottles, it is necessary to properly correct the direction of photoelectric switch or adjust the photoelectric

Switch sensing distance.In addition, pressing the S6 button during automatic stop is not allowed to make it stop abruptly.


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