How to Reuse Your Old Empty Cosmetic Containers?

Once you've filled a box of make-up powder or sprayed the last trace of perfume in a bottle, it's easy to throw the containers away without thinking twice. Instead of sending your old cosmetic packaging to the landfill, why not try one of these ways to reuse and reuse those empty containers? Keep scrolling to see how you can reuse old empty glass cosmetic containers:

Empty Glass Perfume Bottles

Perfume bottles are difficult to dispose of because they are made of a special glass that is not easy to recycle. Not to mention that sometimes the packaging is so beautiful that you wish you could keep it on your dressing table. Once you've cleaned them up, what you really need to do is turn them into a home reed diffuser to store scented essential oil.

Empty Glass Spray Bottles

Fill them with water, toner or your own homemade concoctions and you can even pour in special concentrated cleaning products to help people at home. Just remember to label each bottle so you know what you're reusing it for and avoid any confusion.

Empty Cream Glass Jars

Empty glass jars that are used to hold face mask or creams can be great storage containers. Just wash off any greasy residue with soap and water and let it dry, then store everything from cotton balls to makeup brushes. You can even wrap the bottle in pretty clip paper to give it a fresh look.

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