How to Pack Your Perfume for a Vacation?

Perfume is a luxury that can enhance your mood. Whether you prefer an iconic designer fragrance or prefer an all-natural essential oil, the perfume will add something to your beauty routine.

Traveling with perfume can also be tricky. First, the size of these bottles often exceeds the TSA limits for carrying liquids with you. Secondly, the glass is completely fragile, and if it leaks, this would be a particularly serious (and wasteful) accident.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can travel with perfume with ease.

Travel-sized glass perfume bottles and containers

Perfumes are available in different sizes, and there are usually several sizes that are smaller than the TSA's 100ml limit. If you are a die-hard fan of a particular perfume, it may be tempting to buy the largest bottle. Bulk is usually cheaper as well. However, if you know you're going to be taking it on the plane a lot, then a compromise, such as a 30ml bottle or three 12ml vials, Byredo's method might be a good idea.

Make sure everything is wrapped up

As mentioned earlier, you don't need to bring a huge bottle of perfume with you when you travel. Just a few drops of your favorite perfume will have a huge effect, so you can pour the perfume into a travel-size bottle. However, it is also necessary to check that there will not be an excessive amount of smell. If you are using a travel-size glass bottle, make sure to wrap it in bubble wrap or stuff it into a thick sock. Then, put it in a sealable plastic bag and tuck it safely into your carry-on luggage or put it in the bottom of your checked suitcase.

Prepare a refillable perfume atomizer

An atomizer is a fancy way of saying a spray bottle. You can buy a small one that is designed for traveling with perfume. This way you can save a ton of money and buy a large bottle of perfume and refill the sprayer each time you run out.

Perfume samples

Next time you're at the beauty counter of your favorite perfume brand, why not try your luck and buy some samples? These vials are usually the perfect size for a 4-7 day trip. 

Solid perfume

Solid perfumes also have a vintage appeal, as solid perfumes have been around for centuries. Waxy, but super easy to transport.

Bring a toiletry bag

When traveling, a toiletry bag is a must. So, if you're not sure what to do with your perfume, put it in your toiletry bag. Safety should be your main concern, and sealing it properly is a sure way to carry any fragrance without worry.

These tips can help you take perfume with you on vacation. Wherever you go, it is important to pack your things well to avoid spills, damage, or any problems with airport authorities.

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