How to choose high-end cosmetic glass bottle manufacturers?

The cosmetics industry uses a variety of materials in its packaging, including plastics and metals, with glass being among the oldest packaging materials. At present, in the high-end cosmetics packaging market, manufacturers still favor glass bottle packaging. This is mainly because the glass bottle brings together many advantages.

First of all, cosmetic glass bottles have good texture, beauty, and high-end quality, which caters to the demand for high-end cosmetic packaging. Secondly, the development of the cosmetics market, the growing market space for high-end cosmetics, and the need to build brands have all promoted the market's space for cosmetic glass bottles. Finally, people's living standards are improving, and the demand for the quality of packaging products is getting higher and higher. Under such a background, it is inevitable to upgrade the grade of cosmetic glass bottles.

So, how to choose high-end cosmetic glass bottles for wholesale. First, the appearance, design and workmanship of cosmetic glass bottles. We all know that high-end cosmetics have strict external packaging design requirements. Therefore, style design and workmanship are two important criteria in the selection of high-end cosmetic glass bottles. Secondly, the scale of cosmetic glass bottle manufacturers, and the scale of cosmetic glass bottle manufacturers determine the production quality level and the delivery status in the later period. Finally, the price of high-end cosmetic glass bottles is related to the packaging cost of later cosmetics.


Small thick wall glass jars are used for eye shadow, lip gloss and cream products. Larger glass jars are used for foundations, makeup removers, creams and powders. Amber glass jars are designed for bath and body products that don't have clear colors. When sodium ions are reduced, glass becomes a more chemical resistant form of cosmetic packaging.

Finally, what should manufacturers pay attention to when choosing?
The first is the price of cosmetic packaging bottles, because mass production, try to compare prices as much as possible, which is related to the later cost. Secondly, the design of cosmetic packaging bottles, the design capabilities of the shape, and whether there are more bottle shapes to choose from. Finally, the quality of cosmetic packaging bottles. Generally speaking, the quality of high-end cosmetic packaging bottles must be superior.

The high-end cosmetic glass bottle market is emerging, and the choice will directly affect the later market sales.


Post time: 6月-18-2021
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