How to choose a perfume bottle

Perfume bottles, also called perfume glass bottles, are containers for perfume. So how to choose a perfume bottle? As a fashion product that conveys fragrance and beauty, perfume mainly considers two factors, beauty and practicality. As one of the mid-to-high-end perfume bottle manufacturers in China, here is a detailed introduction to how to choose perfume bottles and perfume bottle suppliers in China .

Perfume Bottle Material

As we all know, glass bottles are known for their elegance and ability to preserve the scent of perfume. They are the best material for perfume packaging. When choosing a perfume glass bottle, make sure that the glass is of high quality and thick enough to prevent breakage. The types of glass materials used to make perfume bottles are:

1) Soda-lime glass: This is the most common type of glass and is lower cost and suitable for mass market products. Ordinary glass bottles are suitable for transparent or light-colored perfumes because they can clearly show the liquid inside the perfume bottle.

2) Borosilicate glass : This glass material is more heat-resistant and chemically stable, and is suitable for perfumes that need to withstand temperature changes or contain certain chemical ingredients. Borosilicate glass bottles are often used for high-end products because they are more expensive to manufacture.

3) Low borosilicate glass (soft glass): Low borosilicate glass is easier to process into different shapes and sizes than high borosilicate glass , but its heat resistance and chemical stability are relatively low. This material is often used in perfume bottles that don’t need to be particularly resistant to temperature or chemicals.

4) Colored glass: By adding different metal oxides, glass bottles of various colors can be made. This kind of glass bottle is suitable for perfume products that pursue individuality and beauty.

5) Crystal glass: This glass material contains a high content of lead, which makes the glass highly transparent, glossy and fine in texture. Crystal glass bottles are often used for perfume packaging of high-end luxury brands to highlight the high quality and uniqueness of the brand.

The choice of glass material depends on the brand's market positioning, the characteristics of the fragrance, packaging design needs and cost budget. High-end brands generally choose crystal glass or borosilicate glass to demonstrate the quality and uniqueness of their products, while mass brands may prefer to use lower-cost ordinary glass or colored glass.


Perfume Bottle Shape and design

The design of your glass bottle can reflect your style. You may like simple, minimalist designs, or you may like more complex and artistic patterns. Of course, some perfume bottles also have regional styles and national characteristics. The shape of the bottle also affects how you mix and smell your perfume, so also consider whether a spray bottle or a drip bottle is better for you.

Generally, most of the best-selling perfume glass bottles on the market are classic styles, which are suitable for most perfumes and fragrance packaging. You only need to add labels, silk-screen LOGO , or coating spray colors on these general-purpose glass perfume bottles . However, if you have relatively high design requirements for perfume glass bottles and want to be unique in the shape and style of the glass bottle, then you generally need to design the perfume bottle first, then develop a mold, and make samples for testing.

Here are some classic and universal perfume bottles, as well as some personalized perfume packaging glass containers with molds.

perfume bottle factory


Perfume Bottle Capacity and Dimensions

The capacity of a perfume bottle generally needs to be determined based on product positioning, such as whether it is a trial size, daily size, family size, or gift size. Of course, the capacity of conventional perfume bottles will also have industry references.

The commonly used capacities of perfume bottles are mainly as follows:
15 ml (0.5 oz): This size of perfume is often referred to as a "travel size" and is ideal for short trips or trying out new products.
30 ml (1 oz): This is a relatively common perfume size and is suitable for daily use.
50 ml (1.7 oz): This size of perfume is considered a standard family size and is suitable for longer use.
100 ml (3.4 oz) and above: These larger volumes are generally more affordable and are suitable for long-term use or as a gift.

In addition to the common capacities mentioned above, there are also some special capacity options, such as:
200 ml (6.8 oz), 250 ml (8.5 oz) or higher: These larger volumes are often used for business purposes or gift sets.
10 ml (0.3 oz) or less: These ultra-small bottles are called "tester sizes" and are ideal for trying out multiple scents.
5 ml (0.17 oz): Perfume bottles of this size are called "minis" and are ideal for gifts or collections.

Generally, you will choose the perfume bottle size that suits you according to different capacities. Travel-sized perfume bottles are more portable but may be more expensive on a per milliliter basis. If you plan to use perfume frequently or want to have a backup, a full-size perfume bottle will be more valuable.

Here are some examples of perfume capacities from well-known brands and the different sizes they offer (for reference only):
1) Chanel
Chanel No. 5: Usually available in 30ml, 50ml, 100ml and 200ml capacities.
2) Dior
Dior J'Adore : May be available in 50ml, 100ml, 200ml and higher volumes.
3) Estée Lauder (Estee Lauder)
Estée Lauder Beautiful: Common sizes include 50ml and 100ml.
4) Calvin Klein (Calvin Klein)
Calvin Klein CK One: Usually available in 50ml and 100ml sizes.
5) Lancôme
Lancôme La Vie Est Belle: Possibly available in 30ml, 50ml, 100ml and 200ml capacities.
6) Prada
Prada Les Infusions de Prada: Common sizes are 50ml and 100ml.
7) Tom Ford
Tom Ford Black Orchid: May be available in 50ml, 100ml and 200ml sizes.
8) Gucci (Gucci)
Gucci Guilty: Typically available in 30ml, 50ml, 100ml and 150ml sizes.
9) Yves Saint Laurent (Saint Laurent)
Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium: Possibly available in 50ml, 100ml and 200ml sizes.
10) Jo Malone
Jo Malone London Peony & Blush Suede Cologne: Usually available in 30ml and 100ml sizes.


Sealing properties of perfume glass bottles

Make sure the glass bottle is designed to effectively contain the fragrance and prevent leaks. Bottles with a good seal maintain the integrity of the fragrance longer. The design of perfume glass bottles usually pays great attention to sealing, because perfume is a volatile liquid and its composition may change due to the influence of light, air and pollution. Perfume bottles with good sealing properties generally have the following characteristics:

1) Closed system:
Modern perfume bottles are often closed systems, meaning the bottle is designed with a cap and pump head to prevent leakage of the perfume and the ingress of outside air. This design helps maintain the stability and integrity of the fragrance. Crimp Sprayer is generally used , and it is generally difficult to open it again after sealing.
2) Vacuum pump head: Many perfume bottles use a vacuum pump head, which can extract the air at the top of the perfume when pressed, thereby forming a sealed environment to prevent the perfume from evaporating. This also helps maintain the fragrance concentration of the perfume.
3) Cork and glass caps: Some traditional or high-end perfume bottles use cork or glass caps to further ensure a tight seal. These caps are usually designed to be quite tight to prevent any leakage of the perfume.
4) Light-proof design: The material and color of the perfume bottle are also chosen to prevent ultraviolet rays, which may destroy the components of the perfume and affect its fragrance. Typically, perfume bottles use opaque materials or dark bottles to protect the perfume.
5) Dust-proof cap: Some perfume bottles are designed with dust-proof caps, which can prevent dust and impurities from entering the bottle and keep the perfume clean.
6) Safety: In addition to sealing, the design of perfume bottles also needs to take into account safety, such as preventing children from eating or misuse. Therefore, perfume bottles are often designed to be easy to identify and handle while preventing accidental opening.


Perfume bottle surface decoration

The surface decoration of perfume bottles generally refers to post-processing customization, which is a series of processing performed on the bottles after the perfume bottles are produced to meet the brand owners' personalized needs for bottle appearance, functionality and market demand. Post-processing customization can enhance the attractiveness of perfume bottles, enhance brand image, and meet consumer preferences at the same time. Especially for conventionally shaped glass bottles, it is a great way to personalize them. The surface decoration of the glass bottle not only increases the overall beauty of the perfume bottle, conveys the message of the perfume, but also conveys the brand concept and deepens consumers' recognition and impression of the brand. Some perfume bottles are works of art in themselves. As a consumer, choosing a perfume bottle that resonates will make you more happy when using perfume.

The following are some common post-processing and customization methods for perfume bottles:
1) Spraying: Spray paint or ink on the surface of the perfume bottle through a spray gun to form various colors and patterns. Spraying can be uniform, partial or gradient to create a unique visual effect.
2) Hot stamping/silver foil: Use gold or silver foil on the perfume bottle, and emboss it at high temperature to fix the pattern or text on the foil on the bottle, creating a noble and luxurious feeling.
3) Screen printing: printing ink onto perfume bottles through a screen, suitable for mass production and capable of achieving complex patterns and text.
4) Thermal transfer: Transferring patterns or text onto perfume bottles using heat and pressure, usually used for smaller batch customizations.
5) Engraving: Engraving patterns or text on perfume bottles, usually using laser engraving technology, which can produce a deep or embossed effect.
6) Electroplating: Apply a layer of metal film, such as gold, silver, nickel, etc., on the perfume bottle to enhance the texture and beauty of the bottle.
7) Sandblasting: By spraying fine sand particles to remove the smoothness of the surface of the perfume bottle, it will produce a frosted or matte effect, adding a personalized and handmade feel to the bottle.
8) Bottle cap customization : In addition to the bottle body , the bottle cap can also be customized, such as spray painting, screen printing, engraving, etc., to match the bottle body design.
9) Packaging box customization : Perfume bottles are usually equipped with opaque packaging boxes, and the packaging boxes can also be customized for post-processing, such as hot stamping, screen printing, embossing, etc., to enhance the overall product packaging effect.


Perfume Bottle Price

The price of perfume bottles is generally the most concerned issue for fragrance companies or perfume bottle buyers. The price of glass perfume bottles ranges from affordable to luxury, especially in China's glass bottle market. Set a budget that meets your ability , and you will be able to find products within this range. There is a saying in China that you get what you pay for, which means that the price and quality of a product are generally equivalent. The price of perfume bottles is affected by many factors, including glass bottle design, glass material, glass bottle manufacturer capabilities, perfume bottle capacity, market positioning of perfume products, perfume bottle functionality and special technology, perfume bottle production costs, and perfume bottle production regionality, etc. No matter what the price of the perfume bottle is, it is recommended to buy sample glass bottles to check and test before buying perfume bottles in bulk.

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