How to Choose a Good Amber Essential Oil Bottle?

Quality glass bottles are more stable and less likely to react chemically with essential oils. Unlike regular plastic bottles, including some types of plastic dispensing bottles, which are not ideal for essential oils, some harmful substances can easily be precipitated out of them, because some essential oils are highly volatile and their molecular structure is not very stable. The main reason for using dark glass bottles is to prevent some essential oils from becoming photosensitive, so most essential oils are in amber glass bottles.

Why amber essential oil bottles?

1. Amber glass is inert
Glass is virtually inert, which means that products that come into contact with it do not change chemically or undergo chemical reactions, making it an ideal packaging material for a wide variety of products.

2. Amber glass protects essential oils from UV Rays and blue light
Clear glass and some other forms of tinted glass offer little or no protection against harmful UV and blue light. UV rays are harmful to essential oils because they may cause unwanted changes to the oils. Essential oils in amber glass bottles with light protection can reduce UV exposure by 90%.

3. Adding value to essential oils
Amber glass containers are more visually appealing than other clear glass containers. Especially suitable for personal care, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Amber glass bottles are also an affordable option because they are made from a wide range of available materials and are also easily available in bulk.

3 Main Factors to consider when choosing amber essential oil glass bottles

1. The capacity of essential oils

Small amber essential oil bottles are usually between 5ml and 15ml. And the most common bottle capacity for essential oils is 10 ml. Some customers may choose these bottles to try some samples and decide if certain oils will work for them. Others may just want oils that they can carry around with them. The bottom line is that using the traditional essential oil bottle capacity is still a good idea.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't diversify your bottle capacity and just stick to selling smaller bottles of essential oils. Market needs and preferences vary from one consumer to another. It's not surprising that some customers prefer to order larger bottles, such as 50 ml or 100 ml bottles. If they figure out which essential oils they like the smell of, they may want to stock up on that essential oil in the future. In addition, storing essential oils in larger bottles seems to other customers to have a high demand for these scents. But the bad thing is that the large oil bottle has been used for a long time, the contact time with the air is long, and it is easy to volatilize.

2. Sealed bottle cap

Oxygen and moisture are common factors that cause essential oils to expire. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem, and that is to make sure the cap is sealed. Sealed lids or seals lock in the aroma of your essential oils. At the same time, they prevent moisture and oxygen from seeping into the bottle and damaging your oil.

When customers receive sealed bottles of essential oils, there is no doubt that they will be satisfied with the lasting quality of your product. Sealed lids also prevent essential oils from leaking out of the bottle. Simply put, a quality cap produces quality essential oils and a quality product ensures customers’ satisfaction.

3. The durability of bottles

Packaging essential oils require making sure that the bottles in which they are stored are durable. It is more expensive to use cheap but fragile bottles than to purchase reasonably priced and sturdy bottles. Needless to say, your customers will be unhappy if they receive bottles of essential oils that have been broken in transit.

Glass bottles are ideal containers for essential oils, but that doesn't mean that all glass bottles sold and used won't eventually break. Because of this, doing research on the best essential oil bottles can go a long way. When you plan to buy in bulk, make sure that the bottles are durable.


The shapes of essential oil bottles

As essential oils continue to grow, brands of essential oils and essential oil bottles continue to emerge. No matter what product is purchased, the customer will pay attention to the appearance first. For essential oils, the shape of the essential oil bottle will directly affect the consumer's purchasing power. To meet the needs of the market, the styles of essential oil bottles produced and sold by glass bottle manufacturers are constantly changing. While the shape of essential oil bottles is constantly changing, most are still round and square bottles. Although oddly-shaped bottles are easier to catch the eye, simple-shaped bottles are easier to carry and use than oddly-shaped bottles.

The importance of quality amber glass bottles

Essential oils are the natural essence of plant components, so their characteristics include: being volatile, afraid of light, afraid of drastic changes in temperature, and other characteristics, so you must choose the right packaging to facilitate its preservation. Essential oil bottles are generally made of glass, and the thickness must ensure that the bottle is sturdy, and the top quality essential oil bottles should be tested by dropping them at a certain height. There are also some essential oils that are packaged in a colorless, clear glass bottle, but it has a small aluminum can on the outside to ensure that it is protected from light.

Glass bottles are more stable and less likely to react chemically with essential oils. Plastic bottles, including some plastic bottles, are not ideal for essential oils, because some essential oils are highly volatile and their molecular structure is not very stable. The main reason for using dark glass bottles is to prevent some essential oils from becoming photosensitive.


Influence of glass thickness on essential oil

In terms of optical properties, the greater the thickness of the glass, the greater the visible light transmission rate will be reduced, so the better the protection of essential oils

In terms of pressure resistance, pressure resistance refers to the size of the glass pressure strength, the same product of the same size of the glass, the greater the thickness, the greater its compressive strength will be, and the less likely to damage the glass bottle.


Different types of closures for amber oil bottles


Dropper bottles help improve safety. They prevent contamination that can occur when users come into direct contact with liquids. The dropper on the bottle keeps the liquids safe until they are dispensed.

Dropper essential oil bottles are available in a wide variety of sizes. They are simple to use, lightweight and compact, and easy to carry even when traveling. Some droppers are printed with a scale to control the amount of essential oil used and prevent waste.

Dropper bottles can give consumers a more professional, more trustworthy feeling. Usually, the dropper bottle is the essence of the product, the dropper can better control the amount, some product instructions will indicate about a few drops, but the pump head may not be so accurate.


Rollerball essential oil bottles are common packaging bottles and are widely used by people. It is usually used in the packaging of cosmetics, eye creams, lip balms, and children's products. The ball bottle is usually small in capacity, and the ball is installed in the bottle head so that people can evenly apply it, prevent liquid omission, and also has a massage effect.

We can use essential oils locally on the body or all over the body. If we apply essential oils locally on the body, we can use a rollerball essential oil bottle. There will be a rollerball at one end of the rollerball bottle, and we can use the rollerball bottle to apply essential oils to the area where we want to apply them, or we can use the rollerball bottle to apply them to acupuncture points.


Unlike droppers and ball action, spray pump heads are used for large areas of essential oil use.

The unique antiseptic properties of essential oils can be used to clean your living environment, and they are a little safer than many chemical cleaners.

Add essential oils to distilled water, put them in a spray essential oil bottle, and spray them on your bed, clothes, furniture, pets, bookcases, and carpets at any time to disinfect and deodorize and improve your living environment. Spray disinfection - clean the surface of objects and disinfect the place where children play.

amber glass oil bottle


Choosing the right bottle for your essential oils is a sure way to maintain their quality. As with perishable items, essential oils have a longer shelf life if they are packaged properly. This is especially useful for business owners who keep large batches of essential oils in their storerooms.

In addition to storage and preservation, another reason to choose the right bottle for your essential oil collection is branding. A bottle with a unique design can attract the attention of any customer. This fact is true in the essential oil industry. With the rapid increase in demand for essential oils, the market has become more competitive. Since there are a wide variety of essential oil brands available today, investing in the right packaging can make your essential oils stand out.

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