How to choose a Glass Soap Dispenser Bottle ?

The bottle used to pack hand sanitizer is called a hand sanitizer bottle. Since the beginning of this year, the hand sanitizer bottle packaging market has been volatile.
First of all, due to the global outbreak of the epidemic, the market demand for hand sanitizer bottle packaging has grown rapidly, and even a bottle is hard to find. Buyers cannot purchase hand sanitizer bottles at high prices. Secondly, with the gradual control of the epidemic, the market demand for hand sanitizer bottles is declining, which makes the current hand sanitizer bottles begin to face slow sales.

So, for buyers, how to choose a hand sanitizer bottle? First, the most important thing is the quality of the hand sanitizer bottle nozzle. Generally speaking, the pump head is the most vulnerable. Therefore, the better the quality of the hand sanitizer bottle is often due to the high quality of the pump head. Second, the style of hand sanitizer bottles, the market is now fiercely competitive, and unique hand sanitizer bottles are more conducive to hand sanitizer manufacturers to stand out from the competition. Third, the size of the hand sanitizer bottle manufacturer, the level of new and old equipment, and the proficiency of the workers will all affect the final quality of the hand sanitizer bottle.


About the advantages and disadvantages of pump Glass Soap Dispenser Bottle:

In the past, being able to use soap was quite luxurious, but with the improvement of our living standards, today's hand washing has changed from the previous luxurious soap to hand sanitizer.

The development of hand sanitizer has also driven the bottle packaging industry. Our most common hand sanitizer bottle is a pump squeeze type. This kind of hand sanitizer bottle is more convenient to use, and the usage amount can also be well controlled. Many companies and manufacturers will choose this kind of hand sanitizer bottles.

In fact, its working principle is the same as that of piston pumping. The movement of the piston is used to remove the air, resulting in internal and external air pressure, and the liquid will be discharged out of the pipe through the liquid outlet pipe.

Although this kind of hand sanitizer bottle is simple and labor-saving compared to the squeeze bottle. But there are also certain shortcomings. This type of pump squeeze type will become difficult to push out when the product is nearly used up, and the remaining part remaining in the liquid outlet pipe cannot be used up at all. This creates waste.

This problem exists in both hand sanitizer bottles and other wash bottles. We hope that manufacturers can use technology to overcome this problem, so as to benefit consumers.


Post time: 6月-18-2021
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