Factors to consider when choosing between glass and plastic containers

In the field of packaging, materials are very important. Plastic and glass offer several benefits to product packaging, but there are multiple factors that can affect whether a plastic or glass bottle is right for your products. Here are 5 factors to consider if you want to decide if plastic or glass is right for your products.

Product Compatibility

The most important factor is to make sure the glass or plastic is compatible with your product. Mismatched materials and products can lead to problematic containers, making compatibility the first issue to be addressed when deciding on glass or plastic containers.

Some products may contain chemicals that may weaken or even dissolve certain materials. The general inertness and impermeability of glass container make it an attractive choice for sensitive products, and it does not deform at high temperatures. But plastic material offers durability and ease of use, which may be more important if you don't worry about product interactions with that material.

Shelf Life

You should also weigh the impact of plastic versus glass on the shelf life of your product. Some products may lose their effectiveness over time, depending on the containers’ materials you choose.
Food is a good example of this. Some people who want to package spices can opt for plastic containers, but these items may have a longer shelf life in glass containers.


If you are concerned about the possibility of damage to your goods, you will want to consider how you ship your products. A distribution center that keeps everything on pallets should reasonably keep your products safe.

The decision between plastic and glass could also have major freight implications. Glass is heavier than plastic. There's a huge weight difference between a truckload of glass bottles and a truckload of PET bottles. When the carrier quotes you for shipping based on weight, this choice of material will influence your decision as to which material is appropriate for your container.

Costs of container

Plastic packaging may be cheaper than glass packaging. Not only do glass containers require more energy consumption to heat the glass into new containers, but plastic molds can be surprisingly cheap, depending on your container. These factors can help you achieve a blow-molded plastic bottle at a lower overall price than a similar glass container.

Container Design

In terms of container design, glass and plastic have their own advantages and disadvantages. One good thing about glass is that it looks just like: glass. Certain plastics can achieve the appearance of glass, but it is not as strong as real glass. Plastic is also limited in terms of bottle shape and design compared to glass. A clear plastic bottle will not achieve the same sharp edges and gaps as glass, so you will not be able to shape the plastic as clearly as a glass bottle.

Both plastic and glass containers have some obvious benefits, depending on your needs. If you need help deciding which exact container is best for your product, SHNAYI packaging company can help you.

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