Best Car Perfume Glass Bottles

We all know how powerful fragrance can be: we experience it every time we light a scented candle and feel an immediate difference. If a whiff of lemon is thought to be invigorating and a whiff of lavender soothing, then car perfume ould be just the pick-me-up we need after an hour-long motorway car ride.

A car perfume glass bottle is the perfect way to enhance the atmosphere and smell of a car's interior. These car companions will make your car smell good. These also help clean the air by removing dust, allergens, etc. You can use your favorite essential oil. You can use these small devices without any worries.

10ml Square Hang Glass Perfume Bottle

These colorful bottles are empty bottles and does not produce a natural aroma. After adding perfume and essential oil extracts to these bottles, the wooden lid on the top of these bottles naturally absorbs the essential oil extracts such as perfume, making it safe to diffuse a natural aroma. These bottles are feature with adjustable hang straps. You can hang these bottles on car mirror.

car glass perfume bottle
car perfume bottle
green perfume bottle

13ml Hanging Car Glass Perfume Bottle

These colorful bottles are empty bottles can be used as car and indoor hanging decorative ornament pendant to create romantic atmosphere. You can either decorate your car or use it as a diffuser. Use your favorite essential oils to enjoy a wonderful journey, relieve stress, relieve fatigue, and refresh air. The bottle easily hangs and is adjustable to hang from a rear-view mirror, window sill, or any other place you want to bring a fresh scent.

blue perfume bottle
custom perfume bottle
green perfume bottle

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