OLU Packaging offers a wide range of wholesale essential oil glass bottles, including dropper bottles, rollerball bottles, vials bottles, Boston bottles, and more. Our glass bottles are perfect for storing and preserving your essential oils, CBD oils, oil blends, and other tinctures. Due to the nature of essential oils, glass bottles are the container of choice for most essential oils, and our high quality, durable glass containers will ensure your oils are well protected and stored correctly.

Popular essential oil bottle styles are available in a variety of colors, including amber, cobalt blue, green, and clear empty essential oil glass bottles, with amber glass bottles being the best essential oil containers, protecting them from UV rays of sunlight. We also provide opal glass and black glass materials, which are more suitable for the packaging of high-end essential oils, making your brand stand out among similar products. Essential oil bottles come in many different sizes, typically ranging from 1 ml to 30 ml, but 10 ml bottles are by far the most common size for packaging pure essential oils. There are also 4 oz and 150 ml bottles. These larger containers usually contain diluted essential oil products for use as sprays.

Whether you are an essential oil brand owner, an essential oil packaging company, or an essential oil bottle agent and importer, OLU Packaging, as China’s leading essential oil glass bottle manufacturer and supplier, provides you with a full range of essential oil packaging services. We support processing and customization, providing OEM&ODM services, factory prices, and leading quality!

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