Why is Bamboo the ideal Cosmetic Packaging Material?


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As a commodity, bamboo has been used as a raw material for 5,000 years or longer. In China, bamboo symbolizes uprightness; in India, it’s a symbol of friendship. Equally as important is how bamboo has been used in a wide range of industries such as building, food production, musical instruments, and textiles. Furthermore, it is a sustainable raw material that enables businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. It has recently found a niche in the cosmetics industry as a sustainable packaging material in the beauty and natural cosmetics industries.

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The Basics of Bamboo
Contrary to what many people think, this wood-like plant is a type of grass and not a tree. It is one of the Earth’s fastest growing plants. Because of its ability to grow so quickly (see below), the use of bamboo in construction and for culinary purposes has resulted in its cultural significance and economic importance in numerous Asian countries.

Why should Companies use Bamboo for their Product Packaging?
The growing popularity of using bamboo as a packaging material in the cosmetics packaging industry is attributed to the benefits it provides consumers and manufacturers, not to mention the fact that it’s eco-friendly. Bamboo skincare packaging is the best option for our planet for the following reasons:

Durability and strength – not only is bamboo capable of withstanding a great deal of stress, its mechanical properties are up to 3 times better than timber.

Environmentally friendly – as an easy-to-grow and hardy grass, bamboo promotes healthier soil and requires no replanting once it’s been harvested. Additionally, it’s biodegradable and can easily be composted if desired.

Fast-growing – because it grows much quicker than trees (about 1’ per 40 minutes, it is considerably more renewable as a cosmetics container source. Even more important is the fact that less land and fewer resources are required to produce it.

Most importantly, bamboo is an extremely flexible product and enables companies to create outstanding packaging that is worthy of a place in every woman’s beauty cabinet or cosmetics bag. When taking the above into consideration, it’s easy to understand how bamboo has become an integral component in the cosmetics packing industry in recent years.

We have a wide assortment of cosmetic packing options for your business needs. Using bamboo for packaging, is an eco-friendly decision that your company might be looking forward to. To learn more about this amazing plant and how it can take the quality of your cosmetics packaging to the next level, contact SHNAYI today. We’d be glad to help you choose the best.




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