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Cobalt blue glass is a dark blue combination of glass and cobalt metal, and the blue color is caused by cobalt inclusions. Very little cobalt is added to molten glass to produce this colour; Glass structures containing 0.5% cobalt give them an intense blue color, and manganese and iron are often added to tone down the color. In addition to its attractive appearance, cobalt glass can also be used as an optical filter for flame testing because it filters out the polluting colors cast by iron and sodium. Cobalt, or powdered cobalt glass, is used as a pigment in paint and pottery. And cobalt blue glass bottles are a popular choice for liquid lab chemicals, cosmetics, and other light-sensitive liquids, such as tincture, essential oil, cosmetic serum, perfume oil, etc.

How does cobalt blue glass be made?

When glass is made from sand and other sources of carbon heated to very high temperatures, the heat turns the carbon into a molten substance. Cobalt can be added to the mixture before the glass cools and solidifies, giving it a dark blue color. Cobalt is one of the strongest pigment metals, so only a very small amount is needed for blue coloring to occur. Most glasses require only 0.5% cobalt to produce eye-catching colors.

Ideal Packaging for Light-sensitive Products

Due to its natural shading ability, cobalt blue glass is ideal for organic skincare packaging as it protects the precious contents from oxidation (which breaks down fragile vegetable oils and can affect the therapeutic value of pure essential oils over time), increasing its shelf life and effectiveness. The cobalt blue color absorbs UV rays before reaching the product, protecting it against harmful light. Besides, cobalt blue glass bottles are made of thick glass with an internal coating that prevents UV rays from penetrating the bottle.

The usage of cobalt blue glass bottles
Cobalt blue glass packaging is used in a variety of industries such as essential oil, face serum, eye serum, perfumes, tincture, and beverages such as beer, as well as medicine.

The properties of cobalt blue glass
Cobalt blue glass bottles are made of a type of glass called soda lime. Soda lime glass is a mixture of calcium, silicon, and sodium. The blue color is produced in the heat of the furnace, where a mixture of sand, soda ash, and limestone is heated to more than 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit. It is relatively cheap to produce, so it is used in many industries. The main reason cobalt blue glass bottles are used in the cosmetic industry is because they protect the skincare products inside from light.

Why blue glass is called cobalt blue glass?
Blue glass is often called cobalt blue glass because it was originally made from the mineral cobalt. Cobalt is an opaque glass that has a dark blue color when it is not directly exposed to light.

In addition to cobalt blue glass containers, amber glass bottles are also perfect choices for cosmetic and chemical products. The amber glass can also protect light-sensitive liquid products from light.

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