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Packaging plays a key role in positioning your skincare products and differentiating them from your competitors' products. Not only that, packaging has a direct impact on the perceived value of your cosmetic products to consumers because they tend to associate the quality of the packaging with the quality of the product. That's why products that promise beautification must have beautiful packaging.

There are two common ways to decorate the packaging of skincare and other beauty and health products: screen printing and labeling. Labeling involves printing labels and then attaching them to containers. Screen printing involves applying ink to the container itself through a screen.

If you're unsure which decorating method to use for your skincare products, you may need to consider the following factors.

Both work well for designs that involve fairly simple words or art. However, for works of art that are complex or require photographic quality, it is best to use labels. Because the screen printing process does not capture the graphics well, and it costs you more when you use three and more colors.

If your goal is to provide a clean and refined "label-free look" for your high-end cosmetics, you may think that screen printing is your only option. Instead, you can achieve this look with transparent labels that are designed to blend in with the material and finish of the skincare container. Customers may not even notice the difference between a screen-printed design directly and one printed on a transparent label and then attached to the package.

To create a textured feel and look for your cosmetics, you can use screen printing to achieve what is known as the high build effect. This can create a relief or raised surface where the design can be felt and the colors are easier to distinguish. You can achieve a similar texture by applying embossing or embossing to the label. For labels, you can also take advantage of laminating and other decorative treatments such as bronze.

Order quantity

If you have a large number of products with the same design and the same packaging, screen printing will probably be the more cost-effective method. Screen printing involves only one decoration process, unlike labels, which have two processes: printing and application. Additional steps may require more setup costs.


With screen printing, you will have to throw away the entire package if you make a misprint. However, if there is a mistake on the label or it is not properly attached, you can throw the label away and just re-label the container. In other words, the cost of screen-printing errors is greater than the cost of labeling errors.

To sum up, both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. You can combine their strengths and weaknesses to choose the most suitable method for your cosmetic packaging. If you can't make up your mind, you can also contact us for help, we have a professional team, will provide you with feasible suggestions.

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