Know More About Opal Glass Material for Cosmetic Packaging

Currently, more and more glass containers are made of opal glass. It is bright, durable, light. Her assortment is diverse: reed diffuser bottles, opal glass lotion bottles, cream jars, tea cups, dinner sets, jugs, salad bowls, pots and many other various models. The application of white porcelain glass for cosmetic containers is more and more extensive, but how much do you know about it? This article helps you know more about it.

1.What is opal glass?
Opal glass - This is a translucent glass material of a pleasant matte-milky hue, named for its ability to reflect light, imitating the mineral opal. In fact, such glass has nothing in common with natural stone, since it is a special type of glass-ceramic, which appeared as a result of the development of glass-blowing production.

2. How is opal glass made?
Opal glass is made by frosting clear glass or made as frosted translucent glass or as clear glass with white screen printing. Clear flat glass, which is coated and melted together with a thin opal glass (white) during drawing, is called flashed opal glass. Covers for lighting units for glare-free lighting, display cases and indicator glasses in instruments are only some of the applications.

3.The advantages of opal glass
●The opal glass is not only with stable performance, high hardness, and smooth surface but also superior in surface decoration performance and improved in thermal shock resistance.
●The design of the opal glass is simple and stylish. The texture of the smooth surface not only make it looks more comfortable but also not easy to breed bacteria.
●The material of the opal glass is light and not so heavy, and the light-transparent aspect can be seen as jade as light and thin.
●The structure of the surface for many years remains smooth, not susceptible to mechanical damage. Decorative paints applied to objects do not fade even from frequent exposure to detergents, which also prolongs the service life.
●The anti-knock performance of the white jade glass edge and bottom is stronger than that of ordinary glass.

Opal glass is a 100% glass material. The distinctive White color, is obtained by adding fluorine. It is the ideal material for professional uses and also at home it stands out for its elegance, resistance and practicality. Many of our products are made of opal glass, such as lotion bottles, cream jar and reed diffuser bottles. Welcome to choose the products on our website, or share your thoughts with us, we can provide you with samples. Bespoke clients own their moulds and cavities, even the ones we create for them in our exclusive tool shop.

Post time: Oct-11-2021