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Glass candle jars are one of the best containers to start making candles. Why is that? Because when it comes to making container candles, it's pretty straightforward. Some people start by buying the prettiest jars and pots they can find. Others, by contrast, are repurposing things like making candles out of mason jars, coffee mugs, jars, teacups or yogurt jars. 

But you might be surprised at how many containers are unsafe for candle making.  Using the wrong container for candles can cause an explosion or fire. Therefore, it is important that you know what is safe to use for container candles.

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How do you know if a container is safe to use for candles?

The initial choice of glass candle containers may be based on your personal style or home decor. But ultimately, it comes down to whether it's safe to use it for candle making.


This probably goes without saying, any containers that tip over easily should be avoided. For example, something with an uneven bottom surface, such as a hand-cast earthenware bowl, may not be a good idea. Or top-heavy objects, such as wine glasses that can be tipped over. Another thing to consider about stability is what surface you place the candle on. Is it stable?

Shape and Diameter

Imagine a vase with a full bottom and a narrow opening at the top. This shape is good for flower arrangement, but the diameter at the top is too small to properly use the wick and burn the candle. If the top of a container is narrower than the bottom, it will not work well for candles. Why is that? Because when a candle burns, it forms a round molten pool in the wax. As the wax burns down, it goes deeper into the candle. A diameter that is too small compared to the bottom of the container will be exposed to more heat than is safe. You’ll not only have candle tunneling you’ll also risk the candle cracking.


When a candle container cracks, hot wax will begin to leak. And we already know what a safety issue and mess that can be. But, if a crack causes a candle container to shatter and explode, you could have a flaming wick with no container. And that means house fire.

It all comes down to heat resistance. Most things are not made to handle the heat created by melting candle wax. Choose heat-resistant containers such as oven-safe ceramics and glassware, cast iron, enamel camping mugs, and pressure canning jars. 

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