4 Best Cosmetic Glass Bottles & Jars Sets for 2022


Nayi is a professional manufacturer of glass packaging for cosmetic products, we are working on kinds of cosmetics glass bottle, such as essential oil bottle, cream jar, lotion bottle, perfume bottle and the related products.

Whether you prefer to make your own cosmetics or just want to store high quality products in high quality containers, it doesn't matter. Great glass containers are underrated, and we often settle for less when we could have more. After all, many of us don't really think about the quality of the containers we use. As long as it looks nice, is durable and gets the job done, what's there to think about?

We have collected 4 high quality amd pretty lotion bottles and cream jar sets. These 4 sets glass containers of cosmetics will be the best in 2022.


Amber Boston Dropper Bottles Jars Set

Amber glass bottles provide excellent UV protection for the contents. This is important because UV rays can sometimes change the components of the contents. This photo-oxidation is what causes the beer to go "skunky." If your product is at risk for spoiling due to UV rays, amber glass cosmetic containers can help.

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Bamboo Lid Cosmetic Glass Containers

The growing popularity of using bamboo as a packaging material in the cosmetics packaging industry is attributed to the benefits it provides consumers and manufacturers, not to mention the fact that it’s eco-friendly. Bamboo skincare packaging is the best option for our planet for the following reasons:

bamboo skincare container

Opal Glass Skincare Bottles & Jar Set

The opal glass glass containers are not only with stable performance, high hardness, and smooth surface but also superior in surface decoration performance and improved in thermal shock resistance. The design of these white porcelain glass bottles and jars is simple and stylish. The texture of the smooth surface not only make them look more comfortable but also not easy to breed bacteria. This opal glass cosmetic containers set will give your products a luxury feeling.

opal glass skincare container

Frosted Lotion Bottle Cream Jar with Metal Lids

Frosting, a technique that transforms glass cosmetic bottles from clear to frosted, the frosted appearance of glass cosmetic containers is obtained through an acid etching process, a decorative method commonly used to decorate glass, and can give your brand a luxurious look. In addition, we know that glass containers have a high degree of transparency and if the content requires glass cosmetic jars and bottles to have a low light transmission, frosting is one way to achieve this.

frost skincare lotion bottle

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We provide an extensive range of product families and a comprehensive selection of sizes within them. We also offer matching lids and caps to complement bottles/jars, including specialty compression moulded caps that offer greater weight, rigidity, and anti-corrosion properties. We provide a one-stop shop where you can source all the elements you require for your multi-product brand line.




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